Acknowledging the contributors


This site is reliant on the much appreciated efforts of  contributors who are referenced by their initials after their entries:

(DB) David Barlow
(RB) Rosemary Bray 

(CB) Carol Brill
(GB) Geoff Brown
(CFF) Cascade Female Factory Hobart:
(JG) Julie Gough
(JH) Joan Holloway 
(JK) Jan Koperberg
(GM) Gaylene McCooey
(PR) Peter Richardson
(RS) Ross Smith
(SS) Sally Steele
(TS) Trish Symonds  – mega contributor (many thanks)
(GW) Garry Wilson
(sadly missed)
(MY) Meryl Yost  

Also, acknowledgements are due to:

The very useful project website FOUNDERS AND SURVIVORS as the source of much material for this Beyond the Pale project.

TROVE newspapers online for also provisioning much of this Beyond the Pale site:

TAHO – Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office for their many and increasing online colonial documents and images:

Please contribute entries !
When you post or provide information for the first time, please also mention if your name / initials  can be acknowledged. Names or initials of researchers/contributors to Beyond the Pale will be listed above and on the ‘Background to the site’ page, as well as under each entry to acknowledge the collaborative necessity and basis of this project.

Useful publications [please forward more to be added]:

Anderson, Clare, 2012,  Subaltern lives : biographies of colonialism in the Indian Ocean world, 1790-1920, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England

Duffield, Ian, 1986, From Slave Colonies to Penal Colonies : The West Indian Convict Transportees to Australia.

Jones, Marie, 2005, From places now forgotten: An index of convicts whose places of trial were outside the U.K. and Ireland.


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